10 Fun Things To Do in Laguna Beach

Beach 10 Fun Things To Do in Laguna Beach

10 Fun Things To Do in Laguna Beach


The Sawdust Summer Art Festival runs from late June until late August or early September and features over 200 Laguna Beach artists. Laguna Art-a-Fair runs approximately the same time as the Sawdust Festival and features approximately 120 fine artists from around the world.  Festival of the Arts also runs approximately the same time as the Sawdust Festival and features 140 local fine artists from Orange County.  All three of the above-mentioned festivals are on Laguna Canyon Road, near each other.  If you wish to visit more than one on the same day, please check the schedule for each.  Sawdust Winter Fantasy runs for 5 weekends from the middle of November to middle of December featuring about 175 artists.

Sawdust Festival 10 Fun Things To Do in Laguna Beach
Sawdust Festival


Pageant of the Masters is an amazing show to see.  It is a show of living pictures, recreations of classical and contemporary works of art, whereas real people pose motionless and silent and look exactly like the original work of art. The Pageant of the Masters is a main attraction at the Festival of the Arts and also runs from early July to late August.


Laguna Beach’s coastline is approximately 7 miles longs and consists of about 30 of the most beautiful beaches and coves in all Southern California.  One of these spectacular beaches is Victoria Beach.  You can enjoy the sparkling waters of these Laguna Beaches while snorkeling, scuba diving, skim boarding, surfing, paddle boarding, or even tidepooling.

Victoria Beach Pirate Tower 10 Things To Do in Laguna Beach
Victoria Beach Pirate Tower


The Laguna Beach trolley service runs 7 days a week during the summer and every weekend, starting Friday evening, year-around.  Traveling  between North Laguna and South Laguna is fun and free the Laguna Beach trolley way.


Laguna Playhouse is one of the oldest, as well as, continuously operating, non-profit, theatres on the West Coast.  The Laguna Playhouse was named Best in OC in Live Theatre by the Orange County Register in both 2015 and 2016.  Comedies, dramas, musicals and much more run year-around at The Laguna Playhouse.


Laguna Beach is a seaside, artists community.  From the North end of Laguna Beach to South Laguna Beach, you will find the most interesting art galleries covering a wide variety of artistic time periods and styles.  A fun and easy way to check them out is during the monthly First Thursdays Art Walk Laguna Beach. This is a great way of getting to know the local artists’ works. The Laguna Art Museum is California’s oldest museum.  Laguna Art Museum collects and exhibits only California art.  The artwork at the museum is either created by California artists or represent the life and history of California.  There’s also the Whaling Wall which is the 1st of the series “100 Whaling Walls by Wyland and the Wyland Foundation.


The Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park, and Crystal Cove State Park are all a part of the South Coast Wilderness Area.  This expansive area is a must for hikers and mountain bikers.  Within this approximately 14,000 acres, there are miles and miles of trails with some of the most fabulous ocean and canyon views around.

Laguna_Canyon_Wilderness_Park 10 Things To Do in Laguna Beach
Laguna Canyon Wilderness Park


Heisler Park is a large oceanfront park with access to Picnic Beach, Rockpile Beach, Diver’s Cove and Laguna’s Main Beach. Heisler Park offers walking paths, grassy areas, picnic tables, charcoal grills, and bathroom facilities.  Alta Laguna Park is where you will find the spot known as “Top of the World”.  This area is the highest point in Laguna Beach at 1000 above sea level providing a wonderful ocean and canyon views.  Moulton Meadows Park is located in the hills of Laguna Beach.  Moulton Meadows Park has a grassy field, a barbeque, picnic tables, tennis courts, basketball courts, a running track, and a large playground.  Crescent Bay Point Park, Main Beach Park, and Treasury Island Park are a few more popular Laguna Beach parks.

Heisler Park 10 Fun Things To Do in Laguna Beach
Heisler Park


Laguna Beach’s very first hotel is the Hotel Laguna.  Hotel Laguna has provided more than 100 years of service and is still one of the most known buildings in Laguna Beach.  St. Francis by the Sea, built in 1933, was once noted in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the smallest cathedral in the world at 1008 square feet and only 42 seats. Murphy Smith Bungalow is home of the Laguna Beach Historical Society.  It was built in 1923 and now displays Laguna Beach memorabilia.


The Pacific Marine Mammal Center is open to the public every day from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., except certain holidays.  The Pacific Marine Mammal Center rescues, rehabilitates, and releases marine mammals.

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